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“156 Silence”, “Undercover Scumbag” Release Show

September 15th, 2018 is a day marked as something ill remember forever. No, not just because of my birthday, but because of “156/Silence‘s” release show for the new album “Undercover Scumbag” at “The Mr Roboto Project“. I’ve been into the local scene since I was 12 years old, so trust me when I say that this was the greatest showcase of Pittsburgh talent that I had ever seen. This truly set the bar for what a Pittsburgh show should look like. The room was filled wall to wall with friends, fans, family and supporters. Thanks to “Xtimmy EdgeX“, you can watch 156/Silence’s full set by clicking here.

Also on bill were “Lung Ripper“, “Natural Selection“, “Embrace the Hostility“, and “No Good Deed”. I did manage to catch every bands sets, and not one even came close to disappointing. There truly is not one negative thing I have to say about any of these bands!

I had to work at 8am the next day, so I couldn’t get as rowdy and get into the crazier sides of the show the way I wanted to. I knew I had to be careful, so I kinda had to pick and choose who and what songs id have a little more fun with. One band I knew I wanted to jump into the pit for was “Lung Ripper”. I’ve been seeing so much about them lately, the more I saw, the more amped I got to finally see these guys. I looked around and saw the crowd already going, pit was already raging. I looked over to two friends, and said “This is only the beginning…and people are already getting this rowdy? We’re in for a hell of a night!” Lung Ripper went into their song “Dog Whistle”, and that was it. I felt so much energy, I couldn’t hold it back. I fell a few times, but nothing I couldn’t just bounce back up from. Those guys killed it.

Fast forwarding a bit brings us to 156/Silence. I’ve been waiting for this show since it was announced. I’ve also seen these guys a few times, but never with vocalist Jack Murray. A few months back, I saw him perform with “Aroseathorn” at the Mainstreet Tavern, remembering how wild and energetic his performance was, I was very eager to see what he brought to the band.

The band started their set with their raw title track to the album “Undercover Scumbag”, followed by “Indecent Exposure”, “Wasted Potential”, “Kill to Live For You”, “Fake It”, “Demonetized”, “156”, “Cost of Free Will”, and lastly “Saving, Saved”. I truly believe my favorite part of the set was hearing everyone around me screaming along to “156”, there was a certain kind of energy that filled the room during that point. Other highlights were seeing the crowd lose their mind during the immensely heavy track “Fake It”. “Saving, Saved” was an amazing track to close the show with, its an emotion filledĀ  metalcore masterpiece. The whole crowd moved forward right up with the band for the remainder of the set.

I personally believe that these guys have what it takes to become the next big thing. They have a solid heavy sound that’s unique and fresh, a dedicated hardcore fanbase (No pun intended), but what truly sets them apart is their live performance for sure.

So seriously, thank you to every last person involved in this scene, bands, fans, friends and family. Bands, thank you for delivering your art and always giving me as well as many many others something to look forward to in this sometimes shitty world. Fans, friends and family, thank you for sticking close and giving these guys a place for their art to thrive. Thank you all for always giving me something to write about and show the world. Thank you for making this the greatest birthday of my life! Never underestimate the power of the Pittsburgh music scene.


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