13 Saints Rocked Moondog’s on Saturday!!

     My first trip to Moondog’s wasn’t for a drink, it was to check out a band you may have already heard of, 13 Saints. These guys have been on my radar for a while but I was fortunate enough to see them live for the first time at the Millvale Festival last month. I knew then I needed to write about them. This is a band that plays their brand of original rock and the shows are crazy fun. The music spans several types of elements and I love it when a band can keep a guitar driven sound but mix it with punk, alternative, and straight up rock! Another favorite of mine – that the singer/bass player (Creep Newholland) can’t seem to keep himself on stage the whole time. He can be found rocking it out with the crowd at every show I’ve seen, posing and playing like he’s been doing it forever!! Dave Buzard is described as “white trash guitar (who’s) been playing so long he should be better at it” but there’s nothing missing from this man’s ability, and it seems his head game is as strong as his vocals, with decoration at the very least. At Moondog’s he sported dark goggles on stage while rocking that guitar and I hear he has an amazing hat collection. Ernie Dirt “ax slinger from a riffier time and a grittier place” was not to be outdone as he whipped that long hair while grinding out some outrageous sound on his guitar. Oh, and can we give a standing ovation for those who must stay seated? Eric Corbin, aka “The New Guy”, works so hard on those drums he skips the shirt on stage, though I hear he’s the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back… if he happens to actually be wearing one.


    Saturday I was there to catch 13 Saints along with several other local talents who went onstage in support of Wounded Warriors for the Rock 4 Vets show at Moondog’s. The second time I watched them in action and both times I was blown away by the energy from this band. There’s something about a bass player’s unconcerned scowl while he puts out a thumping sound to get you moving that lights me up! Add to that the harmonies of vocals, the thrashing beat from the drums and loud, unapologetic sound you don’t hear from some of that radio stuff and you have a band you just HAVE to check out for yourself. Luckily, I happen to have some pictures to go along with this article so you can catch a glimpse before you see it for yourself..


These guys are good, but they should be. These are four rock ‘n roll veterans who are out to have fun doing what they love and obviously do well. It doesn’t matter what size stage they are on, they are bringing you their best. As they put it their music is “No gimmicks. No whining. Not frilly, fancy or complicated.” That may be why I love it. It’s driven, original music like we used to know. Not filtered for radio edits, not made to the taste of what statistics say it should be, and if you need a taste before their next show, you need to check out their debut album “Crushing Copper”. Find it on Spotify, check it out on their website http://www.13saintsrock.com or, if you want to check them out first, go the old fashioned route of buying a CD at their show. You might want to have these guys sign it, too, because you’ll want to remember that night.

These guys aren’t winning Sainthood any time soon, they are original, gritty rock and proud of it, but they are winning over the music scene! If you need proof, check them out at the Deutschtown Music Festival on July 15th, 1 – 2 p.m., where they open the show at Huszar or July 22nd at Howlers where they have a great lineup to keep you going from 9 – 12. Keep up to date with their shows on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/13SaintsRock/ . While you’re there, be sure to hit that like button and support this hard rocking Pittsburgh band!!





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